Friday, July 16, 2010

My Head = Hot Mess

Written by Shannon Leigh

WAY too many things going on in this crazy head of mine.

OHH the shopping list. I dread to make you.
I dread the actual shopping even more.
I'd like to hire a personal shopper. Any takers? How much do you charge?

Apparently Izzy has ants.
They got into her dog food bowl somehow. Who knows how long she's been eating them. I'd like to see an x-ray of her belly. Do ants show up on x-rays?
Izzy tends to rub her face on our couch, especially after she eats and drinks. But usually it's a swipe or two and she's done. I think it's a way to wipe her mouth. What can I say? The girl has manners.
While Ruby and I were out of town yesterday, Izzy was rubbing her face on the couch an excessive amount. At first Matt just yelled for her to stop but she continued- with gusto. Eventually he got frustrated enough to check her out and to his surprise there were tons of tiny ants coming out of her mustache. Yum.
Like any man would do. He took her out back and hosed her down. It didn't work. He then picked out each ant individually. I really wish I could have been a fly on the wall, or maybe in this case, an ant. I can just imagine his enthusiasm.
Apparently Izzy ate some of them once he got them out. Not surprising. Have I mentioned that we got a poodle because they are so smart. eh hem.
Matt disinfected both the ant-infested dog bowl and gave Izzy a bath, at my request. I appreciate that I can count on him for things like that.
Now Izzy is de-anted and squeaky clean. Her curls are currently to die for. Good thing she has those curls. Sometimes that's her only saving grace.
I bet you all want to come over and sit on my couch... don't ya?

Ruby and I made it down to meet baby Kade, oh that sweet little munchkin.
He's perfect - in his tree frog, monkey arms kinda way. His hands and feet are slightly larger than Ruby's, who is exactly 4 months older. That's how the Slater kids roll. Big hands, big feet, big hearts. Oh how I adore those boys.
Ruby LOVED watching Keagan and Kellen play. I'd like to rent some toddlers for a few hours a day just to entertain her. As long as I don't have to change any diapers, wipe any noses, or feed any meals. I can pay with lots of hugs and kisses. I'm good at that.

I took Ruby to her 4 month appointment. The doctor says she looks great.
She weighed 13.5 (40th percentile) and she was 25 3/4 inches long (90th percentile). She is still super long and skinny. We are getting ready to start rice cereal. Seriously? "Real food?" How can it be? She really isn't old enough is she? In fact, I got out the baby spoons out of the drawer and showed them to Matt. He said with a sigh, "put them away... there's no WAY she's ready for that."

We have to- I mean get to- keep my parent's dog Oscar next week. He's a shitzu poodle mix and is super smart. He can catch just about anything in his mouth. He's like a little black ninja. Sometimes he crawls into my parent's convertible in the garage and can't get out. Maybe he's not THAT smart. He whines A LOT oh and he HATES Izzy. Hatred for Izzy+being away from home= EXTRA whininess. Maybe they will learn to get along this time. It should be interesting.

I'm really looking forward to this week being OVER.
I have TONS of sessions that need to get out but instead I'm on here... writing about all of the things going on in my brain. But maybe this will make me more productive?


Faith said...

My secret life passion is to be a personal shopper. Spend someone else's money? Yes, please. :)

Hope your life de-stresses soon.

MKLoeffler said...

We are getting ready to start cereal too! Just washed up all the baby spoons. They are growing so quickly. :(