Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Have a 3 Month Old?

Written by Shannon Leigh

Is it really true? Was it really 3 months ago today that you made me a mommy?
It seems like just yesterday. But at the same time I feel like you've always been here.
Like I've always known you. I think maybe I have.

You make me the happiest woman on the earth.
Some things about Ruby:
- You laugh and laugh and laugh when you're in a good mood and we eat it up.
- When you are fussing in your crib and we come to get you you give us the BIGGEST smiles. It melts our hearts.
- You LOVE looking at yourself in the mirror. You smile and coo at yourself. Whenever you are fussy we take you to the mirror and you calm down.
- You LOVE to be outside too. I think you like to take in all of the new sights and sounds.
- I think you hate walmart as much as I do.
- you love tummy time and prop yourself up and look around.
- You are a great eater and are growing so fast. I am curious to see how much you weigh (last time we checked at the breast feeding clinic, you were 10 pounds 8 ounces).
- Your legs are crazy skinny and leg warmers don't fit- they generally slip right off.
- Your eyes are still grayish and I really can't decide what color they are going to be. Only time will tell I suppose.
- You have started snuggling your head into my neck and I love it.
- You still love bath time.
- You sleep great.
- Sometimes I can't wait to get you down for your nap, but then I miss you once you are asleep.

oh Ruby you bring us so much joy!
Mommy and Daddy love you!


Alisha said...

The picture where Ruby's mouth is open and she's with the bear cracks me up! I love it! And I love her!