Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tea anyone?

Written by Shannon Leigh

Did you know that I collect teacups? It's humble- but a collection nonetheless.

I don't collect just any teacup. I pick up a teacup from every new country I visit (Canada doesn't count). I'd like to add many more... maybe Greece, Australia... a girl can dream.

My favorite? A teacup from Portobello Road in London. It's the street where the riches of ages are stowed after all.
It's a vintage Grafton teacup made in England. It's special, just ask Matt. We searched every china vendor on Portobello Road for the perfect one. I think the little blue flower on the inside of the cup sealed the deal. Every time I see it I think fondly of our two year anniversary in London and of the previous owner. I hope she was a sweet little English lady who sipped tea out of it everyday. And no... I didn't find the second half of Astoroth's spellbook, although I looked.
I also have a handcrafted teacup from Capetown, South Africa. I adore it's little imperfections, they give it charm. My cousin Lesley has one in blue. We were there on a mission trip and spent one morning at a local market. I also bought a little wooden table with a rhino engraved on it - but that my friends I will save for another post.
And this little guy is from Costa Rica. We bought it while we were on our honeymoon. I remember wanting a big glass pitcher so bad but we were on a - just got married and we are totally broke- budget. I settled for this sweet little teacup instead. Every time I look at my little Costa Rican teacup I get sentimental and daydream about our honeymoon. Ahhh...
Speaking of teacups... when Matt and I were in London we bought my mom and mother-in-law teacups from the Cotswolds - probably one of my favorite places in the entire world. While wewere packing up the room to leave I noticed that my teacups were GONE! The maid in our hotel either stole them or threw them away. I was so upset, I am pretty sure I cried.
Guard your teacups well, I know I do.

The End.