Thursday, November 12, 2009

Week 24

Written by Shannon Leigh

Last week was week 24 and boy are things-a-changing. Peanut was a full 12 inches long, the length of a piece of Indian corn. It was the first week that she'd be able to survive outside of the womb, which is pretty darn amazing. I am pretty proud of how far Peanut has come...
They say there is a distinct sleep pattern now but I am under the impression that Peanut doesn't sleep. She is constantly moving. Her new trick is pushing her bum/back/head out on one side of my belly, making it totally lopsided. I can feel bits and pieces of her rolling around all day long and so can Matt. We can even see her jumping around under my clothes.

I had my 24 week appointment and everything looks great! I have gained 8 pounds so far and Peanut is right on schedule as far as growth. I was hoping to get another sono at some point, but they'll only do it if it's medically necessary, which we don't want to happen. So I guess we won't "see" her until she's here.


Chelsea Bass said...

You've only gained 8 pounds?! That's crazy-cakes. You and Peanut are looking good together.