Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Live With A Boy

So I have decided to start a blog! I'm not really sure that I have the ability to write interesting things, but I will try and atleast keep it updated every now and then!

Matt and I have been married for about two months now! I can't believe it has already been that long. It feels like yesterday that we were standing before eachother vowing our love and forever committment but alas it is so. Anyway, I have actually adjusted to married life quite well. It has been pretty easy. However, there are certainly things I did NOT know about marriage that I know now.

1. Men shed an abnormal amount

2. He finds entertainment in seeing how
many times he can jump over the couch. (I think he thinks it's some kind of
workout. Or he is trying to measure the height of his vertical jump.)

3. He CONTANTLY reminds me of how
incredible HDTV is. Especially on Sunday evenings.

4. He loves to help out with the laundry
which is GREAT, however, I have lost a couple bras and countless pairs of pants.
He has since learned to read the labels very closely.

5. On more than one occasion I have found
him asleep in his chair. Your thinking... "that doesn't sound so

Although marriage has it's little corks, so far it has been really easy and lots of fun. I guess it helps being married to a wonderful guy that doesn't take too many things seriously. We have lots more to learn and many years to learn it!