Friday, October 15, 2010

Most Days...

Written by Shannon Leigh

Most days go FAST.
We wake up, we eat breakfast, we play, we laugh, we read books.
We nap, we change diapers, we do laundry, we snuggle.
We eat cheerios, we make messes.

I edit, answers emails, edit, process orders, edit - did i say edit?- every spare minute.

BUT - I ADORE staying home with my Ruby, I feel so darn lucky.
I'm not taking my "stay at home mom" status for granted- not in the least.

OK, so technically I'm more of a "work at home mom" but so far, the Lord has been extremely gracious and allowed me to do both.
I'm not sure if I'll ever be willing to give it up.

Some days I like to slow it down. We go on long leisurely walks to the post office, we lay in bed together while she touches my face, we sit on the back patio and watch Izzy run circles and laugh. She changes so fast and she won't do these things for much longer. I better soak them up while I can.

Most days Ruby does NOT wear a bow. When we are home she is in a onsie or sleeper most of the day. She's comfy, with no headband. We won't discuss my wardrobe.

That's why I adore these photos. She's not all dolled up, she isn't wearing a bow or a dress. This is the real Ruby. The one I get to spend my everyday with. Aren't I lucky?

Photos taken September 14, 2010.