Friday, October 29, 2010

Central Incisors 1 & 2

Written by Shannon Leigh

One day she didn't have any teeth at all! The next day she had 2!
I finally got a picture of those pesky little things.
I really can't complain about the whole teething process- at least this time around. We had a few rough naps and a diaper rash (it really happens peeps- I didn't believe it either)! But other than that she was a perfect little peach. A very happy baby.

While trying to get a photo of the actual teeth, I got a lot of hilarious shots of NOT teeth.
Take a gander.

These two below are probably my favorite. HAHA.
If she smiles just right, you see the tip of those two little white things. I can't imagine her with teeth... crazy.


Unknown said...

Oh, my word. Kyle and I just had a good chuckle about this.