Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Although last week was less than ideal, Matt and I rounded it out with a fabulous relaxing weekend. We got to spend time with some of our favorite people in our very own home, which was pretty stinkin' sweet.
Friday night, after Iz and I went to Matty's softball game, the Woodrums stopped by. I got to see their finished wedding album, which of course was stunning and we ended up watching Matt and I's wedding video, since they couldn't make it to the wedding. It made both Matt and I want to get married to each other all over again!:)
Saturday, I had the opportunity to volunteer at Restoration Urban Ministries with a girlfriend from work. It was Jesus Day so a bunch of local churches got together to hand out food, clothing, and whatever else they could. It's crazy to think there are that many homeless families in the Champaign area. Gina, my friend from work, has been putting together resume workshops at R.U.M and so far 2 or 3 people in her class have since attained jobs. she is so passionate about these people and it is so refreshing to work so closely with someone who loves the Lord with all of her heart. She asked if I would be interested in helping out with the workshops and despite feeling completely inadequate, I am looking forward to seeing where God will lead.
After R.U.M. Matt and I hung the rest of the blinds in our house. Matt thinks we should start a blind-hanging business since we have become so efficient. Later that evening, the Gorrell family came by with the boys, and the Pollocks showed up a little later. It was soooo great to have multiple couples and kids in the house and not feel cramped! We ate, chatted and played a lot of MarioKart (thanks to L & B). We had a LOVELY time!!!
I'll top this post off with some Izzy pictures... She is quite photogenic, too bad she still pees in the house.

So long for


Keli B. said...

that puppy is precious!
she looks so soft!

Amy Woodrum said...

it is too bad she pees in the house...especially when its on the carpet and you have to touch it multiple times before you realize it is indeed urine. haha, love you izzy :)